University Goals

SHORT-TERM GOALS (2018-2021) LONG-TERM GOALS (2018-2025)
1. Introduction of New Programs & Improving Quality
  • Starting new courses in latest technologies
  • Starting integrated courses
  • Starting industry-collaborative courses
  • Adopting Outcome Based Education (OBE)
  • Promoting innovative programs
  • Encouraging self-paced learning
2. Accreditation and Rankings
  • ISO 9001 certification
  • NAAC & NBA accreditations
  • Ranking by NIRF and other organizations
  • Pursuing quality driven education &  self-aligning with accrediting bodies
  • Raising the standards & creating a niche among top institutions
  • Providing guidance to other institutions and Universities for obtaining accreditations
3. Dedicated Faculty and Staff
  • Recruitment of highly committed faculty
  • Organizing FDPs, STTPs, Conferences and Workshops
  • Promoting Staff participation in training programs
  • Establishing HRD & FDP Centres
  • Creating a passion for lifelong learning
  • Continuous engagement in Technology Development
  • Ratification of appointments of all faculty of affiliated colleges
  • Capacity building & developing high- performance teams, embracing new/ state-of-the-art technologies by faculty through HRD Centre
  • Extensive use of Information & Communication Technology (ICT) in teaching for better learning
4. Continuous Upgradation of Curriculum
  • Offering Minor and Honors degrees for academically brilliant students
  • Adoption and promotion of MOOCs and Virtual labs
  • Aligning  the curriculum with AICTE model curriculum 2018
  • Toeing the line with Apex National bodies
  • Content creation for MOOCs by eminent faculty
  • Industry participation in curriculum  development
5. Enhancement of Student Capabilities
  • Enhancing  placement opportunities/ internship/ self-employment
  • Promoting Entrepreneur development activities
  • Coaching for GATE, CAT, GRE, TOEFL, etc.
  • Training in English communication skills
  • Developing technical skills
  • Rendering students acceptable to the industry
  • Encouraging Entrepreneurship Development Program activities
  • Motivating the students towards Employment, Entrepreneurship and Higher Education in line with national objectives
  • Developing proficiency in foreign languages
6. Research, Innovations & Startups
  • Increasing  full-time research scholars
  • Organizing Hackathons, Project exhibitions, etc.
  • Innovations and Startups through
  • Incubation centre
  • Enhancing collaborative/  project based research Recognition of Research Centres
  • Improving Industry-Institute Interaction
  • Strengthening of PG & Research labs
  • Promoting inter-disciplinary research
7. Campus Infrastructure Development
  • Completion of on-going construction of Administrative, Pharmacy, Lecture Hall Complex and Yoga Centre buildings
  • Construction of new MBA block
  • Construction of new hostel for foreign students
  • Renovation of all academic blocks and hostels
  • Development of infrastructure facilities for all PG courses
  • Development of Research Labs
  • Construction of Convention halls
  • Development of Sports and Indoor Games facilities
  • Construction of skill development centres
8. Clean and Green Campuses
  • Installation of wastewater treatment plants
  • Installation of roof-top solar energy plants
  • Plantations
  • Implementation of Swachh Bharat mission
  • Generation of sufficient solar power
  • Plantations
9. e-Management System
  • Institution-wise on-line database maintenance
  • Redesigning  of University website
  • Introduction of Office Automation & ERP
  • Implementation of MIS
  • Centralized database maintenance in the University
  • Online integration of all the institutions under the University
  • Automation of examination and evaluation systems
10. International Engagement
  • Enhancing links with partner Universities
  • Facilitating student & faculty exchange
  • Attracting international faculty on short-term basis
  • Participating in international collaborative research
  • Entering into MoUs and Partnerships with International Universities
  • Obtaining Collaborative Research Grants
  • Offering Dual & Double/Integrated degree programs