Guidelines for Donation to the University

  1. The Vice-Chancellor, acting on the advice of the Rector or Registrar or Directors/Principals and others shall accept the donations, as long as the purpose of the donations are consistent with the University’s values, strategic mission and priorities.
  2. The donations are accepted on the understanding that the donor(s) can have no influence over the academic freedom and independence of the University.
  3. All the cash donations shall be received in the form of a demand draft drawn in favour of Registrar,JNT University Anantapur.
  4. Donations are welcome form philanthropists, industrial houses, educationalists, alumni, entrepreneurs etc. A donation is liable to be refused if there is sufficient evidence that the proposed donation will be made from a source.
    • Which is illegal.
    • Evaded Taxation.
    • Involved in Fraud.
    • Violation of norms.
  5. Donations are accepted by the University for creating facilities, building construction, laboratory infrastructure, furniture, creation of academic chairs, workshop / conference, research grant / library grant / institution of gold medals / cash / kind / implementation of technologies, technology transfers etc., in the University or its constituent units.
  6. Installation of statues of donors or their representatives will not be considered in any case.
  7. If the donors is sponsoring a complete building, naming of the building may be considered with the approval of executive council.
  8. No ownership or rights of any nature will be permitted to any donor or to his representative on the facilities created in the University.
  9. All accepted cash donations shall qualify for 80G exemption.
  10. No donations will be accepted from religious organisations / extremist / organisations / banned organisations etc.
  11. The University shall maintain a separate account for all the donations received.
  12. Donors name and amount donated to be displayed prominently in the University website.
  13. Total updated cash balances of donation account to be displayed quarterly in the University website.
  14. Donations over and above Rs. 50.0 Lakhs, shall be accepted subject to the ratification by MDC / Executive council.
  15. The University shall issue a receipt to the donor after accepting the donations and keep a record of the details of donation and the donor’s particulars.
  16. Donors claiming exemption under 80-G for all donations in kind shall submit a certificate from licensed valuer.
  17. All such donations rejected by the University shall be returned within 30 days.
  18. The University shall submit annual report with all details of donations to the Executive council for approval and shall also display these particulars in University website.