JNTU Anantapur teaching methodology is totally Student Centered.

Our participatory learning process ensures that every student in the class actively participates in the learning process. We guarantee this through adopting greater interactive teaching-learning methods like group discussions (GD), seminars, presentations etc.

At JNTU Anantapur, we prepare our students to meet project requirements of the industry. We have designed the knowledge content of the curriculum on par with the best universities of the world. More credence is given to application, with equal provision for a firm theoretical . This will prepare our student for placement with the industry.

We initiate leadership in our students through presentation of role models. From time to time, we invite industry leaders, hardcore professionals, leading businessmen and alumni to share their success stories with our students.

Peers and senior students who have made their mark with the industry are sure to inspire our students to reach greater heights of professional excellence.

We understand that learning should not culminate totally as end-of-the-year Examination. We provide due weightage for Project Approach, Seminars, GDs, Powerpoint Presentations etc. Industrial visits and training is integral to our Engineering curriculum, may it be Undergraduate or Postgraduate courses. Project work that is to be done by all the Engineering students is arranged under the supervision of industry and business experts. This ensures that every student gets the opportunity to experience actual industry processes and work practices.